AVIU Collection Autumn/Winter 2015/16

Posted by jeunesse 29/10/2015 0 Comment(s)

The collections of womens clothes line AVIU, are made in the true style Made in Italy, trying to express all his craftsmanship and all his uniqueness, not only through research on materials and their reprocessing, but also thanks to a complete reassessment of contemporary style, a mix between the culture tube from the retro with the evolution of the geometric design and by its essential lines, attention to detail and fabric is in continuous transformation.

The soul of the woman Aviu plays on the transparencies in the mesh and in the skirts with elaborate embroidery, studs, fringe, and a cascade of sequins. Structured skirts with games fretwork of faux leather, creating elegant transparencies in contrast, “see-no-see” of the legs, or long skirts tweed pleated with glazing and studs between the folds. Sweaters and cardigans in wool or mohair, with edges that end frayed, or with a dramatic side slit with application of studs and sweaters with three-dimensional effects in the skilful use of fabrics. Every garment of the Collection Aviu, Autumn/Winter 2015-16, create a perfect balance between manual labour and craftsmanship and the most modern technologies for a mix between modern and comfortable hotel, which is also the distinctive element of the trademark.

Season after season, Aviu continues to create knitwear, dresses, jackets, skirts and pants that matches the search extreme and a style with elegance and femininity, using precious fabrics that are light, modern and easy to wear.